Social Responsibility Policy

  • ARD Environmental Awareness: To comply with the standards set by all relevant laws and legal regulations, to make continuous measurable improvements in every possible field related to the environment, to reduce the use of natural resources, to continuously make the necessary improvements in production processes for this purpose, to use reusable and recyclable resources as much as possible, to carry out studies to increase the use of renewable energy, to determine the environmental dimensions of all our activities, and to carry out the necessary studies to minimize the environmental impacts as much as possible, to ensure that the necessary trainings are provided to all personnel related to the protection of the environment,


  • ARD Compliance with Laws and Other Obligations: Adhering to the laws and regulations in force, to follow the rules of our customers' business partnership rules as well as the rules of local and international social responsibility,


  • ARD Respect and Ethics: To approach our customers, suppliers, all our employees and all persons and organizations with whom we will be in contact within the framework of general respect and ethical rules, and to ensure that all our employees act within this framework,


  • ARD Customer Management: With the belief that all our customers have equal responsibility; to evaluate the social compliance activities of our customers, to follow the results with action plans, to control the social compliance activities with management systems,


  • ARD Supplier Management: With the belief that all suppliers have equal responsibility; to evaluate the social compliance activities of the suppliers, to follow the results with action plans, to control the social compliance activities with management systems,


  • ARD Occupational Health and Safety: To accept human as the most valuable asset in all its activities, to minimize any loss that may occur by creating a safer and healthier working environment, to organize trainings in order to ensure that all employees are aware of their individual responsibilities on the subject, to provide the necessary equipment in terms of Occupational Health and Safety, to ensure that the local law on Occupational Health and Safety,   to create a communication environment where all employees can work in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety policy and to raise awareness about the studies carried out in this regard, to identify the risks related to the occupational health and safety hazards that may arise from the activities of our institution and to keep these risks under control by reducing them to acceptable levels,


  • ARD Training: The level of education of employees determines the general level of the company. With this logic, to increase the awareness of occupational health and safety of employees, to organize internal or external trainings to support their professional and personal development, to ensure the continuous development of the company due to the development of employees with the trainings organized,


  • ARD Discrimination: On the basis that all employees have equal rights; that there shall be no discrimination in matters of employment, compensation, access to education, promotion, or termination or retirement based on race, social class, religion, national origin, gender or political affiliation;


  • ARD Child Labor: Not to employ employees under the age of 16 for the healthy development of children and within the framework of respect for the right to education, to act in accordance with the procedures and principles of employing young workers,


  • ARD Bribery and Corruption: To be against all kinds of bribery and corruption, to receive and give bribes regardless of the reason will definitely not be accepted, to continue our business relations with 3rd parties who offer to do business with our company through bribery and corruption, to be in the event of detection of bribery and corruption within our company or before 3rd parties, to implement the necessary disciplinary practices immediately and legal actions will be taken immediately will be launched.


  • ARD Discipline: To carry out disciplinary practices within the framework of applicable laws, legal regulations and internal regulations,


  • ARD Raising Awareness of Employees: Believing that the basis of social compliance is through conscious employees, increasing the level of awareness of employees by informing employees about personal rights, company rules and working conditions during the recruitment phase and in certain periods during the working period,


  • ARD Recruitment: In order to ensure the continuity of the ethical criteria of the company, the selection of the personnel in recruitment will be accepted as necessary and important criteria as well as the technical and professional knowledge of the company rules and compliance with the social compliance requirements of the company, and that the following discrimination and harassment-ill-treatment prevention policies are valid starting from the recruitment stage,


  • ARD Trade Unions: To respect the right of workers to join unions and to bargain collectively,


  • ARD Working Hours: To comply with the laws and regulations in force during working hours and overtime hours due to efficient working and respect for human rights,


  • ARD Wages and Payments: Based on the minimum wage as the minimum wage that employees can cover their living expenses; that there is no wage below the minimum wage, that overtime wages are paid by making additions as stipulated by law,


  • ARD Communication: To carry out practices aimed at keeping the connections of employees among themselves and with managers alive with the belief that success passes through healthy communication, creating good relations between employees and managers and ensuring the continuity of these relations, 


  • ARD Prevention of Harassment and Ill-Treatment: To ensure that there is no verbal, physical, psychological harassment or coercion in order to ensure the peace of the working environment and the happy work of the employees,


  • ARD Forced and Compulsory Labor: It undertakes that there can be no work that is obliged by contract or against debt and that the work is voluntary.