• At ARD, doing our job well also means having a sense of responsibility and a professional conscience so as to decide on the best conduct and how to act in a way that is in the wider interest. Our ethical principles define the frame of reference in which we do our job as retailers. They play a part in developing a culture based on trust and integrity and on sharing this culture throughout the company.


  • These ethical principles help each employee to ask himself the right attitude to adopt, especially when faced with delicate situations that he may have to deal with. The Ethical Principles are distributed to all ARD employees and signed by all new arrivals.


  • This reference framework, which every employee must know and respect, includes the commitments made in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the eight fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the guiding principles of the OECD, the UN Global Compact and the United Nations and the international agreement with the UNI renewed in 2015.


  • The ethical principles are as follows: respecting diversity, contributing to a safe and healthy working environment, favouring social dialogue, refusing all harassment and discrimination, selecting and treating suppliers objectively and fairly, developing transparent business relations, respecting commitments to partners, refraining from any agreement or unfair practice, ensuring the safety of people and property, protecting the company's resources and assets, guaranteeing confidentiality, preserving the environment, being honest, individually and collectively, providing reliable and faithful reporting, avoiding conflicts of interest and refusing all forms of corruption.


  • Our alert system, which consists of a website and an outsourced telephone line, enables ARD employees, suppliers or service providers to alert ARD employees, suppliers or service providers in complete confidentiality to situations or behaviours that are in contradiction with our ethical principles.